• Expression of MABs
  • SUB with Cross Flow Filter for cell retention
  • high cell density cultivation perfusion or steady state

Bioreactor, pump and Cross-Flow-Filter pre-assembled and bagged

Perfusion-Single-Use-Bioreactor integrating Single-Use-Pump, Single-Use-Sensors and Cross-Flow-Filter module operating in PTF mode.

Perfusion SUB for expression in any design you can imagine

Customizable P-SUB scalable 1-10 litre VV for cultivation of various mammalian cell lines in perfusion mode or continuous mode for expression.

Perfusion SUB containing scaffold harbouring the mammalian cells

SUB for cultivation of 150 mio cells/mL mammalian suspension or adherent cells in 3D scaffold. CellCore platform concept scalable in 1:1,000 ratio

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